Field Consultant

Dan Paul

Sales and Marketing Manager

Michelle Graybeal

Environmental Compliance Training Organization (ECTO) provides modern technology solutions for vendors, service providers and their customers who need to comply with stringent EPA protocols and complicated compliance systems.  Everyone wants less downtime and more data reliability.  ECTO improves the vendor-client marriage through a variety of apps, online tools and events for industries such as power, petrochem, chemical, steel, glass, cement, lime, pharma, waste water and many more.  


VendorHub by ECTO strives to simplify the struggles of environmental managers, HSE, analyzer techs, I&E, I&C and CEM techs by giving them          instant access to people and resources who can instantly help them fix instrumentation and sample systems issues.

Advertising and Media Manager

Scott Edgar​​

​​​Director of Marketing and Media

​Eric Gray


Ryan Dammeyer