​     Why a CEMS mobile app​?

  • Improved accessibility for your customers

  • Online support beyond your website

  • ​Enhanced availability and response time

  • Better customer engagement

  • Build brand recognition

  • Promote events and training

  • Improve sales team proficiency

    Why Do CEMS Techs Use The App?

  • Videos, parts, vendor scheduling

  • Installation and startup guides

  • Thousands of resources on your mobile device

  • Instant  guidance and corrective action 24/7

  • Direct contacts (not automated answer services)

  • ​​Fewer struggles with manuals and websites

  • Direct phone numbers, NOT "hold lines" 

  • Empower engineering, I&C and I&E crews

  • Reduce down time; improve data capture

           The VendorHub by ECTO strives to simplify the struggles of environmental managers, HSE, analyzer techs, I&E, I&C and CEM techs by giving                them instant access to people and resources who can instantly help them fix instrumentation and sample systems issues.​

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VendorHub for CEMS


     1yr for only $600!

  • Get more face time thru VendorHub's Training Club
  • Find more bid opportunities with BidWatch services
  • Reach thousands of instrumentation techs, managers and engineers
  • Establish your company as "app ready"
  • Improve your reach, resources and customer experience